ipbcleaning-processTypically customer product would be processed along the following route;

  • Degrease items with neat Triklone N at ambient temperature
  • Rinse and clean with high pressure steam for approx. 2 to 5 minutes
  • Immerse items in a solution of 2.0% Hydroflouric Acid and 10.0% v/v Nitric Acid for a period of 2 to 4 hours (heavily stained items may be immersed for an extended period)
  • Rotate the items during immersion to remove air pockets and ensure full solution contact
  • Inspect and repeat immersion for a maximum of 2 hours if staining persists
  • Remove from immersion tank and wash at high pressure with potable water
  • Dry with warm, oil free air
  • Palletise and shrink wrap for transport (where applicable)

Amongst others, our typical customer base includes the following;

Full chemical cleaning

  • IPB UK, manufacturer of steel pipe bends for varying oil and gas related applications
  • John Morfield Ltd., filtration specialists, supplying filters and housings to the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and food & beverage industries
  • Air Products, provider of services to hospitals, chemical, construction and energy industries
  • Growhow, a major supplier of fertilizer products
  • Lucite International, a global supplier of acrylics
  • Henderson Site Services, fabricators specialising in pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries
  • QA Weld Tech, a provider of flow spool pipework for subsea applications

Degreasing (typically to BOC & Air Products specifications)

  • Aalco, a supplier of fittings and tubes to BOC, Air Products and various fabrication companies
  • Hallmel, installers of oxygen pipelines to hospitals and industry
  • Isa Solatron, a supplier of flanges, orifice plates, flow meters, venturi bodies and valves etc.
  • Process Control Equipment, suppliers of globe and gate valves